Rescue City for iPad

Time to return to work and start converting the iPhone project to iPad. If Rescue City was 3D I think this task would be easier, but as it is a 2D game that requires all the arts in the right size, I need to recreate them. (fortunately I have all the images in high res, probably it can support an iPad retina someday). My first idea was to simply copy the entire XCode project to another folder and rename it to a new name, but it does not work like that. All links to the new project and references still pointing to the iPhone project, the smartest way is to right click the Xcode target, then “Duplicate and Transition to iPad”, so the XCode automatically duplicates the info.plist and makes the necessary adjustments, and it also duplicate the resources folder.

Anyway, there are a lot of images I use in iPhone that no longer fits for iPad, as I’m updating each part of the game at a time, I’m removing those references and adding the new ones. I’ve also duplicated all classes, rather than using macros I prefer separate classes for the iPad version. Some classes of the iPhone version is only for the game have compatibility with older versions of iOS that I no longer need in iPad. Rescue City for iPad will support only iOS 4 and higher.

Nov 2011
AUTHOR Cleverson Leal

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