Running Dead, second scenery (WIP)

I’m working on the second scenery for Running Dead. The player will “leave” the city and run through the countryside. The game uses several unique blocks to construct a continuum environment, new blocks are placed in scene along the player path. It’s imperceptive to the player, but the sensation is that the scenery is linear and the result is an endless world.
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Running Dead 1.3

★ Adds 2 characters.
★ Adds the option to buy more ammo.
★ Adds extra items.

Sep 2012
AUTHOR Cleverson Leal
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Running Dead v1.2 is coming

– Increases overall game speed and level progression.
– Adds a Hard Game Mode. (Options Menu)
– Adds two more weapons: Chainsaw and Crossbow.
– Adds 3 more leaderboards (Hard Game Mode).
– Increases the amount of coins earned during play.


Aug 2012
AUTHOR Cleverson Leal
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